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BirdMad Media is a Proud Sponsor of The Kings Grant Farmers Market!

BirdMad Media is an Organic Social Network Management Company. In a nutshell, we replace hiring in house social media managers for 1/10th of the cost. Not every company can or wants to bring another individual on board and that's OK. It usually comes down to budget and we certainly aim to fit almost any budget out there. Some businesses just need a boost and add our services to their existing team to help reinforce their online efforts.

We concentrate solely on making sure your Image, Brand, Business and Mission are all inline on your social networks. We also provide Customer Service by answering messages and forwarding them to the appropriate contacts when necessary. We post 7 Days a week and provide a solid foundation of presence for you online. We've developed techniques that allow the content we post work till the following day eliminating the need to sit online and wait or create activity. It's still important to add your personal experiences and to post anything wonderful that happens in your business but that doesn't always happen every day so we're here to keep you covered taking that stress off your shoulders and allowing you to concentrate your business.

BirdMad Media offers an array of services! We invite you to visit our website or contact us for more information.

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